Primordial Season Passport Exclusive
Limited availability on select weekdays through October 26, 2023.*
Valid 2023 Season Passport Required

The time is now!
Lagoon invites our loyal Season Passport Holders to select an exclusive, one-time, Primordial ride experience available Monday-Thursday 4pm - 8pm (excluding 10/19/2023) through the end of the 2023 season, weather and other factors permitting. All guests may enter the Primoridal queue line on regularly scheduled operational days.

Hurry and reserve your spot today!

Reservations open Monday mornings at 7am MDT for the following week. (Next launch will be Sept. 25, 2023 for ride dates on Oct. 2-5, 2023).

To Make A Reservation

  1. Verify rider requirements are met (see below)
  2. Provide active 2023 Season Passport(s) - Reservations may have up to 8 Season Passport Holders
  3. Select Available Date and Time
  4. Complete reservation requirements, and watch for your confirmation email
  5. On day of exclusive visit, please provide Season Passport or Confirmation Email

Rider Requirements
Minimum Guest height 36 inches. Guests between 36 and 48 inches in height must be accompanied by a supervising companion. Other rider restrictions may apply.

All Season Passport holders who wish to ride during this exclusive opportunity require a reservation. All other Guests will not be permitted.

All Guests may enter the Primoridal queue line on regularly-scheduled operational days.

*Subject to availability, weather, and other factors permitting